About Uruguay

Uruguay is a country in South America which is extremely popular for the beaches and beautiful cities. The cities exhibit colonial homes and a string influence of Spanish culture and art is visible in the buildings. Spanish is the most popular language spoken in the country followed by English. It has egalitarian society which means that people below poverty line are rare and 60% of the population is middle class. Luxury holiday package to Uruguay can be availed by reliable service providers and tour operators.

Weather and climate

The country experiences humid subtropical climate. The climate is uniform across the country because it is located in the temperate zone. Extreme temperature is rare but seasonal variations are existent.  December to March is summer in the country as it is in the Southern Hemisphere. This is also the best time to visit the country. The travelers can be dressed comfortable in T-shirts, shorts, and other casual clothing.

What to eat

Asado and Chivito are very popular foods in the country. These are traditional Uruguayan dishes which are very popular and even the tourists love to indulge in eating the same. International cuisines are also easily found in the country. People availing honeymoon tour package to Uruguay can give some real treat to their tongues.

Popular attractions

Montevideo is the capital of the country and is surrounded by the bay. It revolves around Plaza de la Independencia which was a Spanish citadel at one time. Mercado Del Puerto is also a great place to hang out for the tourists.

Punta del Este is located in South East Uruguay in a narrow peninsular. The Hand is a giant sculpture of 5 fingers which is well known there. Brava Beach is a tourist spot. Plaza Artigas is a good place to buy local handicrafts.

Colonia del Sacramento is known for its cobblestone streets with historic streets. The buildings exhibit traces of Portuguese settlement. Porton de Campo reminds one of the old city walls.

Punta del Diablo is a seaside resort town which is also known for fishing. Pescadores Beach is dotted with fishing boats. Rivero Beach is known for its strong surf. Santa Teresa Fort is another popular spot here.

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