About United States of America

It is a country consisting of 50 states in the North American continent. A major chunk of land is covered by the country. Alaska is located to the north west of the country. New York is one of the most important coast cities and an important finance center across the world. The west coast has important cities like Los Angeles and Chicago happens to be the Midwestern metropolitan. People of diverse culture have found existence in the country due to the excellent employment opportunities in some parts of the country. Avail luxury holiday package to United States for a truly mystic experience. 

Weather and climate

As the country is huge in size, it is bound to experience varying climatic conditions. But in general, it has continental climate which means cold winters and hot summers. However, distance from the sea and latitudinal difference also accounts to diverse weather conditions. The tourists can carry clothing as per the area of visit and season. Smart casuals are a good option to carry.

What to eat

Tourists get to taste diverse cuisines in USA. Fajitas, pizzas, burgers, salads, sandwiches, pastas are all available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. All international cuisines are easily found in the country. A diversity of cheese options will delight the tourists.

Popular Attractions

New York is an important port city consisting of 5 boroughs. The city is popular for the very bust Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway Theater, and much more. The city has impressive sky scrapers.

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada’s Mojave Desert and is a place popular for the round the clock casinos, resorts, plush hotels, and exquisite nightlife. It attracts tourism to the supreme level. Honeymoon tour package to United States can be an interesting option. 

Los Angeles is located in South California and is the home to the world famous film industry, Hollywood. Studios like Warner Brothers, Universal, and Paramount offer behind the scenes tours. Other places of interest are Getty Center, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica, etc.

San Francisco is a hilly city in North California which is known for its scenic locations and beauty. The Golden Gate Bridge is a popular tourist attraction. Alcatraz is an island near the Pacific Coast which is still popular for the ancient jail. Tourists love to spend time in the Bay Area and move around in the tourist bus.

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