About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in East Europe. The country is popular for its Black Sea coastline, orthodox churches, and Forest Mountains. It is a developing country. The country is one of the largest exporters of grains in the world. Multi-ethnic population exists here. Luxury holiday packages to Ukraine means that the tourists can spend a great time in the country.

Weather and climate

The country has warm, dry, and hot summers and severely cold winters. July is the hottest month in the country. The best time to visit the country is between June and September. People visiting the country in summers can carry cool cotton clothes and comfortable casuals. People travelling in the winter months should carry layers of warm clothes, boots, socks, and scarves which can keep them warm and cosy.

What to eat

Popular Ukraine food consists of potato dumplings, Holubtsi, Cornbread stuffing, cabbage borshch, etc. Low budget staple food is easily available in the country. Otherwise international food is also easily available in the hotels and high-end restaurants across the country. Honeymoon tour packages in Ukraine can make the tour an exciting one for the newlyweds.

Popular attractions

Odesa is the third largest city in the country. It is located on the shore of Black Sea. Sandy beaches and clement weather invites tourists to the place. Lanzheron beach has sparkling waters. Odesa Opera House exhibits art of the country.

Kiev is the capital city of the country and is popular for Pechersk Lavra, Motherland Monument, Independence Square, Pyrohovo Museum, and much more. It is a religious town and a modern city.

Kolomyya City is located in the western Ukraine. It is popular for its architectural monuments. It is an old city and was founded in 4th century. Nice and orderly streets are the high points of the city.

Dragonboat is the highest Ski resort in Ukraine. This resort is one of the most popular amongst the tourists. It has 5 lifts and there are 20 tracks. Skiers really find the spot very interesting and entertaining.

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