About Turkey

Turkey occupies an interesting geographical location as it is located partly in Asia and partly in Europe. It is a bridge between both the continents. The capital of the country is Ankara and the largest city is Istanbul. It is considered as a developed country. Nature and adventure are the two main indulgences in the country and the tourists remember their vacation in Turkey for all the good reasons. By availing Luxury holiday packages to Turkey, the tourists can surely experience a rich stay in the country.

Weather and climate

Mediterranean climate in Turkey is found in the coastal areas bordering Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Here the climate is hot and dry during summers and cool and wet during winters. The area bordering the Black Sea has temperate climate. June, July, and August are hot months in the inlands. Smart casual clothes can be ideal for a trip to Turkey. Tourists can wear shorts and T-shirts in summers. For visiting the Mosques, decent clothing is ideal. Honeymoon tour packages to Turkey can be a great option for the newlyweds.

What to eat

Kumpir, Baklava, street kebabs are some of the popular Turkish food which are easily available. Chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish are commonly found. It is easy to find vegetarian food as well. olive oil and yogurt is the dressing in most of the Turkish dishes which also make it healthy. International cuisines are also easily found in the country.

Popular Attractions

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is a modern city and the home to government and commercial buildings. It acts as a transportation hub as it links the tourists to other parts of the country. It is centrally located in Turkey. Museums are popular here.

Antalya is a large city in Turkey which offers beaches, resorts, bars, and a beautiful coastline. Swimming, mountain climbing, and sailing are some of the indulgences in the area. Roman Gates, maze-like streets are reminiscent of the old and ancient city.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and also one of the largest in the world. it stretches along the narrow strait that connects Asia and Europe. Nightlife, shopping, impressive architecture, and historic sites are the high-points of the city.

Cappadocia is popular for the fairytale landscape with chimney like formations. Some of the caves in the area have been turned into hotels.

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