About Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in East Africa located in the African Great Lakes Region. The north east part of the country is home to Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro which is at about 5000 feet above sea level. The country is popular for mining, fishing, tourism and agricultural activities. The country was named United Republic of Tanzania in 1964. The name Tanzania is a blend of Zanzibar and Tanganyika. Luxury holiday packages to Tanzania can be availed and the rich culture of the country can be experienced.

Weather and Clothing

The coastal areas are humid and hot while the north western highlands experience temperate and cool climate. The overall climate in the country is tropical. The central plateau region is dry and arid and rainy season lasts from March to June. It is best to carry casuals for a vacation in Tanzania. Sunscreens, sunglasses, and sun hats are highly recommended.

What to Eat

Delicious meal can be easily found in the country with Middle Eastern and Indian spices complementing the Tanzanian palate. Ugali is the most popular and common food found in the area. It is safe to drink bottled water in the country, especially for the tourists. However, major International cuisines are easily found in the country.

Popular Attractions

Serengeti National Park is most popular for the annual wildebeest migration. Nearly 500 species of birds are found in the park. The tourists also come visiting the park for the migration. The best months to visit the park are between December and June.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in the country. The Kilimanjaro National Park is visited by the tourists to treat the eyes with the snow-capped mountain. Some tourists want to make it adventurous by climbing the summit. It is a World Heritage Site.

Zanzibar Beaches are the major tourist attraction. The islands of Zanzibar and Pemba have best beaches in the world. Soft white sand with clear and shallow water is found along the beaches. Traditional boats line the shore. Avail the Honeymoon tour package to Tanzania for a fun-filled beach experience.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is popular for volcanic crater Ngorongoro and wildlife. The crater has a permanent supply of water which also attracts the wildlife. Lions, elephants, rhinos, wildebeest, zebras, etc. are easily seen in this area.

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