Sweden is a Scandinavian nation which is located in the Northern Europe. It borders several countries which include Norway to the west and Finland to the north-east. This country is famous for the coastal islands, inland lakes, frosty forests and white glaciated mountains. This city is well known for its medieval old towns, museum and royal palaces. Book luxury holiday packages to Sweden to make your journey memorable.


Sweden is well known for a relatively mild climate. The winters can be very harsh over here with the temperature dropping to about -30®C in the northern Sweden. February is generally the coldest month. As the chill factor is high over here make sure you pack some necessary clothes such as jackets, sweaters and so on. You should be properly insulated from the cold.


This country has a lot of flavors that are worth experiencing. First one is the Jansson’s Temptation, which is a Swedish Christmas dish. Then comes Raggmunk & Lingonberries, Marinated Salmon with Dill Potatoes, Crayfish August, Crisp Bread, Chives and sour cream, Gubbrora, Toast Skagen, Yellow Pea Soup, Punch and Swedish pancakes and Meatballs& Macaroni or Mashed potatoes, Cream Sauce.


Stockholm- This city has about 14 islands and 50 bridges in the Baltic Sea archipelago. The streets made with cobblestone and the ochre-colored buildings of the old town are home to the Storkyrkan Cathedral, the Kungliga Royal Palace and the Noble museum. Ferries and boats carry passengers across the islands.

Gothenburg- Located along a river, this sea-port is known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards. This city has a wide variety of cafes and shops. Liseberg, an important amusement park, is packed with themed rides, venues for performances and a well sculptured garden. Quickly book Sweden international tour packages to make your journey a success.

Kiruna- This town is known for the LKAB iron ore mine and the underground visitors center. The first managing director’s home serves as a museum over here. Kiruna Church is known for its Bell tower and the traditional huts are well talked about here.

Visby- This city incorporates a well-preserved town wall which is basically a medieval fortification with defensive towers. This town also has many churches which include St. Mary’s Cathedral and the ruins of the St. Nicolai and St. Karin.

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