Sri Lanka is an island country which is present in South-Asia. This country is known for the enchanting beaches with crystal clear water. In addition, the historical places in this country are also worth seeing. Sri Lanka also has diverse religions and rich culture which makes it a worth seeing place. So, find some luxury holiday packages to Sri Lanka to make your trip as memorable as possible.


The best time to visit this country is from December to March if you are preferring west and south coasts for visit while April to September are considered best for the visit to the east coast. This is mainly a tropical country so the levels of humidity are always high over here. Sri Lanka has 2 monsoon seasons. Keeping this in mind it is better to pack raincoats and other lightweight clothes.


Sri Lanka is a very flavourful country. The first example is the sour fish curry, which is followed by Kottu, chicken curry, Parippu, Lamprais, Hoppers, Polos, Wambatu moju, Gotu kola sambol, Kiribath with lunu miris, Pol Sambol and wood apple. So, if you are visiting this paradise, make sure you savour these dishes.


Sigiriya- This place forms a part of the UNESCO world heritage site. It consists of an ancient rock fortress which rests on the top of the Sigiriya rock plateau which was formed from the magma of an extinct volcano. This site is of archaeological and historical importance. Book an Sri Lanka international tour package for visiting this amazing place.

Colombo- This city had been ruled progressively by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. The Colombo National Museum which is dedicated to the Sri Lankan history has borders with marvellous Vihara Mahadevi Park and its giant Buddha.

Kandy- This city is present on a plateau which is surrounded by mountains. This city has huge tea plantations and a diverse rainforest. The Kandy lake present here is popular for a walk. This place is also famous for the sacred Buddhist sites.

Galle- This city is mainly known for the Galle Fort which was found in the 16th century by some Portuguese travellers. The architecture reflects the Dutch, Portuguese and British way as these people had once ruled here.

So, enjoy some scuba diving along with beautiful strolls along the beach. For honeymoon tour packages to Sri Lanka contact Fly luxury holidays.