About Slovenia


Slovenia is a country in central Europe that is famous for its diversity and Caves and attracts thousands of visitors all over the year from across the world. People are so welcoming here that you would love the authenticity of their culture. You will have medieval castles, lakes and resorts to explore and you can opt for Luxury Hotel Packages to Slovenia for making this trip best trip of your life.


Weather & Clothing

The best time to explore Slovenia varies from person to person because from December to March is snow time and May to September is dry and warm. So, summer holds the best activities to offer to the tourist in Slovenia. Pack t-shirts and light pants that will keep you cool.


What to Eat


Cuisine in Slovenia is inspired by a few neighboring countries such as Italy Hungary and Croatia. It traditionally serves meat, stews and sausages and basic food used is dairy products, sea fishes, vegetables and olives. You must try Buckwheat Spoon bread that is a national dish of Slovenia.


Popular Attractions


Predjama castle: Predjama castle is a magnificent castle built inside a cave and very unique. You can take audio tours about their history. It used to be the home of a local knight who was very popular among the locals during old eras.


Lipica Stud Farm: The farm is breeding Lipizzaner horses since long ago and is open for the travelers and visitors now. You can join one of the guided tours through the farm and appreciate the beauty of the horse.


Mercury Mine Idrija: It is a museum that introduces the visitors about the history and life of Slovenian Miners. It is the second-largest mercury mine in the world. You can go for Slovenia international tour packages to experience such amazing sites and attractions.


Church of the Holy Trinity: This magnificent and artistic building of the Church is known for its long fresco. It is a great work of roman architecture that bound the visitors to spend more time in seeing the artwork.


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