Romania is a country in southeastern Europe. It's surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. It shares its borders with the Black Sea to the southeast, Ukraine to the north, Hungary to the west, Bulgaria to the south, Moldova to the east and Serbia to the southwest. Bucharest is the capital of Romania. This country is famous for its art and monuments.


Romania has a temperate-continental climate having four main seasons. Hot summers, cold and dry autumns, cold winters having snowfall and mild springs are the characteristics of the climate of Romania. Layers in clothing are the best thing to keep while going to Romania. For autumn and winter, warm and cozy clothes are the best. For summer and spring season, keep light clothes in your bag.


Romania offers a plethora of cuisines from different countries. The local Romanian cuisine is the best to try if you're visiting Romania. It is the blend of different dishes from different cultures. Ciorba is a generic term given to varieties of soups. Tuica is a strong alcoholic spirit you should try. This cuisine is dominated by meat lovers.


Maramures: There are about 100 wooden churches in Maramures. These churches have elegance. The beauty of hand painting attracts visitors. Romania international tour packages are great to enjoy here!

Danube Delta: Danube Delta is the second-largest preserved river delta in Europe. With the greater part of it in Romania, this delta attracts nature lovers. It's all about beautiful natural scenery and balmy weather in this place.

Poiana Brasov: Romania is not all about dark castles as they tell in movies and stories. If you're interested in skiing, Poiana Brasov is just made for you. Poiana Brasov is a ski resort. People enjoy traditional mulled wine here.

Cluj-Napoca: Cluj-Napoca is a city in Romania which is famous for nightlife, universities and historical landmarks. St. Michael's Church is located in its surrounding which is worth visiting too. Quickly pack your bag as there are such amazing and beautiful spots to visit along with millions of activities to do when you reach here.



Romania is one of the most beautiful places to witness. Be it a honeymoon or solo trip, Romania never fails to amaze you. If you're a couple seeking some beautiful moments, you can enjoy many honeymoon tour packages in Romania.  Make sure you book them with Fly Luxury holidays for an ultimate experience!