Portugal is one of the oldest countries of Europe located in the southernmost part of this continent. It lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and shares its border with Spain in the north and east. It has a unique history and culture and is admired for its food items and beaches. Portuguese shoes rule the fashion world. There are various luxury holiday packages to Portugal allowing you a comfortable journey to the elegance of this country.


Portugal has a Mediterranean climate, a warm temperate moist forest climate, with wet winters and dry summers. During summer, Portugal experiences fresh sea breezes. Comfortable loose-fitting dresses are best for days of summer. For the night, light jackets will do the job.


Portugal offers various international cuisines. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian food items, Portugal never disappoints you. Portugal has its own local cuisine. It has innumerable dishes to present. Sopa de Cação or Dogfish Soup is one of the best dishes cooked by local Portuguese. Francesinha or Little Frenchie Sandwich is one of the signature dishes of Porto. Salt cod and grilled sardines are national dishes of Portugal. Port Wine from Portugal is loved by everyone.

Popular Attractions In Portugal

Lisbon: Do you want to experience the feelings of being in both hilly and coastal area at the same time? Lisbon is a must-see place for you. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it's a city rich in architecture. The National Museum of Ancient Art and the National Coach Museum are popular attractions among art enthusiasts.

Porto: Porto is a coastal city in Portugal. This city is full of vibrancy and beauty. This city has been awarded European Best Destination 2012, 2015 and 2017 awards. Portugal international tour packages offer to show you the best of tourist spots in Portugal.

Faro District: This place is the southernmost district of Portugal. History and culture of this city are appreciated all over the world. The largest single artificial reef in the world, Ocean Revival Underwater Park is present here.

Sintra- Sintra is the place where you will love the verdant hills, beautiful castles and villas. Some of the main places to visit here are ancient ruins of the Castle of the Moors, Monserrate and Penna’s palace that display exquisite beauty.

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