Poland or the Republic of Poland is a country situated in Central Europe. It shares its borders with Baltic Sea, Lithuania and Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast in the north, Belarus and Ukraine in the east, Germany in the west and Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the south. It has a very rich culture and history which adds excitement to the tourism. It is well known for its monuments, architecture, galleries and museums. There are various luxury holiday packages in Poland in order to make your stay comfortable.


Poland has a temperate climate having relatively cold winters and hot summers. For winters, you should pack warm clothes. You should prefer light wool. For summer, lighter layers are always going to help you. Jeans with wavy tops always help. Dressing in layers is always recommended for the changes in temperature.


In Poland, you can find various food items including both local and foreign cuisines. The local Polish cuisine is similar to the cuisine of other West Slavic countries. This cuisine is rich in meat but has a wide range of food items for vegetarians. You should try a few national dishes like bigos, kielbasa and sour cucumber soup.


Krakow- Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland. The historical monuments are the most attractive spots to visit. The Royal Road, Krakow crosses the most of the beautiful historical places of the royal capital of Poland. It allows various coronation processions and parades.

Warsaw- Warsaw is the largest city in Poland. Warsaw Old Town was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Royal Castle, at the gate of the Warsaw Old Town, is one of the attractions which serves as a castle residence. It is the hub of music and theatre.

Gdynia- Gdynia is a port city in Poland. It is known for its modern architecture. It is surrounded by hills and coastline. Nature Reserve in Gdynia attracts many nature lovers. Poland International tour packages offer you a great deal on tourism for filling excitement and comfort in your tour.

Torun- A place where Copernicus was born, Torun has a rich architecture and heritage. It’s prestige location beside the Vistula river makes it pretty great. Also, it has Gothic town hall which is also put on the top 30 beautiful places of the world!

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