About Oman

Oman or the Sultanate of Oman is an Asian country situated in the Arabian Peninsula. It shares its borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The country is divided into two exclaves separated by the United Arab Emirates, the Musandam Peninsula and Madha. It is a strategically important country due to it being at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. A friendly nation which has opened itself to the world a few decades back, the Oman International tour package will ensure that you get a feel of its ancient history in totality.

Weather and Clothing

The placement of the country in the tropics makes its weather hot and humid. Being an Islamic nation be sure to wear clothing respecting the local traditions preferably in cottons and linens.

What to eat

Arab, Persian, Indian, Asian, Eastern Mediterranean, and African influences can be found in the cuisine of Oman. Meat dishes with a side of rice are the staple food here. Kabsa, harees, Mashuai, Mushaltat, Shawarma, Halwa, Majboos are among the local delicacies you must try.

Popular attractions

Muscat: The capital city is full of forts, palaces, museums and markets. The harbour with a view of the Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, the twin forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, museums and street food stalls make it a beautiful part of your Luxury holiday package to Oman.

Ras al Jinz: The eastern tip of the country, it is home to a turtle reserve, a turtle visitor centre and museum. The pristine beaches are a delight to visit.

Musandam Fjords: The Musandam Peninsula in the northern tip of Oman and is separated from the mainland by the United Arab Emirates. Populated by tribes of the mountain villages and coastal communities, the Fjords are home to some incredible marine life including dolphins.

Wahiba Sands: The sand dunes are home to the Bedu tribes and are one the list of every traveller seeking a taste of authentic dessert life.

Even though it is a hot country, it can still make for a memorable Honeymoon tour packages to Oman with the help of Fly Luxury holidays. We will ensure that the rustic beauty of Oman will leave you spell bound.