About Mexico

Mexico is situated at the tip of North America. It is surrounded by the United States of America to one side and the South American countries of Guatemala and Belize to the south. It is also surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The country is known for myriad number of things; its art and culture, cuisine, beach life and its shorelines. Its geography can vary from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches which makes it an ideal destination for a Luxury holiday packages to Mexico.

Weather and Clothing

Mexico is made up of desserts and snow-capped mountains. Hence the weather varies from region to region. But generally, the weather is cold in the winter and hot in the summers. Storms lash the country during the summer months. Be sure to carry appropriate clothes according to the part of Mexico you plan to visit.

What to eat

Rustic, spicy and flavorful are the three words used to describe Mexican cuisine. Much of the cooking depends on local produce and several dishes can trace their roots back to centuries. Chilaquiles, Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tostadas, Chiles en nogada, Elote, Enchiladas, Mole are among a few of the delicacies you should try here.

Popular attractions

Chichen Itza: Situated in the Yucatán Peninsula, this is the site for the lost great Mayan city. The monuments and the astronomical calculations of the buildings leave you with another worldly feeling.

Mexico City: This city is known for its culture rich atmosphere. Mixed ethnicity has left a mark on its architecture, history, cuisine and everything else. The Plaza de la Constitution, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace and the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple are some of the places to begin your Honeymoon tour packages to Mexico.

 Guanajuato: Baroque architecture is what sets this city apart from other destinations. Cobblestone lanes, quaint cafes and house dot the city. Old mines, such as the La Valencia, one of the richest silver mines in the world, which can be visited, are an added attraction.

Beach Destinations: Cancun, Tulem, Puerto Escondido and many other beach destinations will get you in touch with wide sandy stretches, crystal clear waters and clear skies.

Any destination on your Mexico International tour package with Fly Luxury holidays will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.