About Malta

An island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta lies just off south of Italy. The country’s population is spread over three large islands Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Each island has a distinct feel. Malta is rich and vibrant, while most of Comino is a natural reserve and Gozo hills and history can be explored during your Malta International tour package. Its Capital Valetta is the second smallest national capital in the world.

Weather and Clothing

As any other Mediterranean country, Malta has wet and windy winters and hot and humid summers. Ensure that all your clothing is light cottons and linens suitable for island living.

What to eat

The food on the island nation is rustic and true to the earth. It shows influences Italy, Britain, Spanish, French, Maghrebin, Provençal, and other Mediterranean cuisines. Dishes to indulge in on your vacation are stuffat tal-fenek, kapunata, minestra, pastizzi, Timpana,  qag?aq tal-g?asel along with local fruits.

Popular attractions

Valletta: The capital city was founded in the 1500’s. It is all squeezed into a square kilometer and is one of the most authentic cities in Europe. It bears testament ot the heritage of the Kinghts of Malta through its culture and art.

Comino Island: Just four kilometers wide, this island is generally uninhabited. The clear waters around the island are the best you can find.  You can get friendly with the marine life as part of your Luxury holiday package to Malta.

Gozo Islad: This rustic island with its rugged coastline and rural landscape is a perfect way to enjoy your vacation.Tthe Citadella, Ggantija Temples, Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary and the Dwejra area are place you can explore during your visit here.

Mdina: Full of medieval buildings, churches and cathedrals, this town seems to be frozen in time. The ancient cobblestone lanes are said to date back to 60 AD! A visit here is sure to take you back in time.

Though a small nation, Malta is a quaint and perfect place for your Honeymoon tour packages to Malta. You can ask Fly Luxury holidays to customize it for you so that you get the best vacation of your lifetime.