About Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg lies locked between the countries of Belgium, France and Germany in the heart of Europe. It is part of the Benelux, an economic union comprising of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. It is the only Grand Duchy in the world meaning it is ruled by a Grand Duke or Grand Duchess. This beautiful country is also a world force to reckon with in the steel and technological spheres and the financial sector.  As part of your Luxury holiday packages to Luxembourg, be sure to take in not just its forests and valleys of Mullerthal but also the wine region of Moselle district and the land of the Red Rocks.

Weather and Clothing

The climate in the country is temperate. Outdoor festivals abound in the months of July and August and this is the best time to visit. Spring and autumn are good too with the hills and valleys in full bloom. Be sure to carry your woolens as temperatures can drop low in the nights.

What to eat

The influences of its neighbors can be seen on the local cuisine. Fruit pies and cakes, seafood delicacies and cold cured meats and smoked meats abound. Do have a taste of local dishes such as Judd mat Gaardebounen, Träipen, Bouneschlupp among others.

Popular attractions

City of Luxembourg: The capital is located on a cliff overlooking the valley of two rivers, Alzette and Pétrusse. Many parts of the old town are designated UNESCO sites such as the Grand Ducal Palace, the Bock casemates, Neumünster Abbey, the Place d'Armes, several world war memorials and museums.

Echternach: Make the country’s oldest city a part of your Honeymoon tour packages to Luxembourg. This is a wonderful window to the Mullerthal region. Hike trails, the basilica of the Abbey of Echternach and many other sights will leave you wonderstruck.

Vianden: Medieval castles, the fortress on Our River surrounded by dense forests, Gothic Churches are not the only attraction. You can also visit the house of Victor Hugo or just relax and enjoy in any of the cafes on the Grand Rue.

Remich: Explore the wine rich Moselle valley through a trip on the Route du Vin.


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