About Latvia

Latvia is one of the three countries set on the shores of the Baltic sea in Europe. It shares its borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. The capital city of Riga is a famous travel destination with its Old Town being a World Heritage site. Latvia is known for its unspoiled beaches and its untouched mountain forests. With its history dating back to the Vikings, this country has many destinations you can visit as part of your Luxury holiday packages to Latvia.

Weather and Clothing

June to September is the best time to visit Latvia as it is pleasantly warm. Winters are very cold with snowfall in the upper mountain regions. Light woolen during the summers and heavy winter clothing during the winter months are what you need to carry during your Honeymoon tour packages to Latvia.

What to eat

The cuisine of the country comprises generally of local farm produce, meat and seafood. Must try dishes are their Rye bread, local delicacies such as beetroot soup, smoked fish and potato pancakes, dishes made with the indigenous mushrooms and the local drink of Kvass.

Popular attractions

Daugavpils: Housing the biggest fortress in Europe dating back to the 19th century, this is the second largest city in Latvia.  Green and spacious, this city has remained unchanged despite bearing witness too many wars.

Liep?ja: This coastal town literally means ‘City of the Wind’. The town is known for its beaches, many festivals and ancient architecture. When visiting the town as part of your Latvia International tour package do not forget to visit the formerly secret Soviet military neighborhood of Karosta.

Kuld?ga: This town is known as the Venice of Latvia. The wooden architecture, bridges, red tile roofed houses and the widest waterfall ledge ever to be found in Europe, along with all these the town is also host to the longest underground sand cave system in the Baltics.

Sigulda: The castles and historical monuments make this city a place to visit. Also, its proximity to the Capital Riga is another reason making it an important tourist place.

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