Kenya is a magical country with a great number of attractions and activities to explore and enjoy. Located in East Africa with a coastline of the Indian Ocean, has many things to offer the best for sights and entertainment to the tourists. The place is known for abundant wildlife, natural beauty and pleasant beaches for complete relaxation. Experience a wonderful trip by choosing fly luxury holiday packages to Kenya which is available at exciting prices.

Weather & Clothing

Weather is unique as it has different landscapes. The coastlines are generally warm with high humidity, whereas the lowlands experience hot and dry weather. The best time to visit this destination is between July and September. Light and simple cotton clothing are the best choices to wear in Kenya.

What to Eat

Kenya offers a wide range of food varieties to the locals and tourists to enjoy their healthy dishes in different flavors. The use of fresh ingredients and their native spices offers a unique taste to their dishes. Ugali, Pilau, Nyama Choma are some of the best foods to taste in this country.

Popular attractions


Malindi is a coastal attraction in Kenya, known for interesting activities like snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and surfing. The coral reefs and beautiful clear water are mesmerizing. Dive in the coral reefs of the Malindi, as well as enjoy the white sandy beaches of Watamu and Marine National Parks. Browse for the best pricing to avail Kenya International tour package to enjoy most of the attractions and enjoy your trip.

Mount Kenya National Park
The park is famous for diversified flora and fauna thus offers wonderful opportunities for safaris. Black and white colobus monkeys, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and hyena can be seen. Located to the east Great Rift Valley in the Central Highlands, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Naivasha Lake

 Lake Naivasha located in the Great Rift Valley is the home for many birds species. The sights zebra, buffaloes, hippos and many other wildlife animals from the boat will be amazing. Near Lake Naivasha, the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary and Hell's gate national park features rich wildlife and natural attraction.

Lamu Island

Lamu Island is an untouched tourist place which is a part of Kenya’s Lamu Archipelago. This Island has only footpaths, and alleyways where you move by boat or on foot, but the atmosphere is really enjoyable.

Kenya is the ideal destination for families and couples to have a pleasant ambiance, when you plan for a romantic trip, visit fly luxury holidays to choose the best honeymoon tour packages to Kenya.