Kazakhstan located in central Eurasia has plenty of attractions to offer the tourists. The rich history, culture, and heritage, unique landscapes and weather are a truly unique experience. The nature based activities are abundant, as well as the country has rich flora and fauna. When you plan a trip to Kazakhstan, it is a real opportunity to explore this beautiful destination. There are many luxury holiday packages to Kazakhstan, look for the best offer and enjoy the trip.

Weather & Clothing

The climate in Kazakhstan has extremely hot temperatures in summer and snowy cold in winter.  The best time to visit the fabulous country is from May to September for pleasant weather, thus the visitors enjoy the sightseeing and hiking activities. If the visit is during summer, light clothes can be preferred, and during winter, pack heavy, wool clothes, jacket and scarf.

What to eat

The food dishes in Kazakhstan consist of meat served alongside or on the top of the meals or dishes. Very few restaurants offer vegetarian foods, as meat is so popular in this country. During summer, plenty of fruits and vegetables are available in the market except in Steppes. Here in Kazakhstan, the food dishes are often served with soft drinks.

Popular Attractions

Lake Balkhash

Balkhash is the 15th Largest Lake in the World, located to the east of Aral Sea is one of the major notable sites in Kazakhstan. The beautiful lake and rocky surrounding places offer a great time to enjoy. Also, there are plenty of ancient rock-cut traces to explore. This country is one of the luxury places for a romantic weekend, so look for the best deals on honeymoon package tour package to Kazakhstan and have memorable trip experience


Semey is one of the renowned cities for tourist attractions. The city is known for brilliant architecture and historical monuments that are well preserved and maintained. Many of the historical artifacts and some of the best Russian arts are displayed in the Museum at Semey.


Almaty has the glistening and vibrant setting at the backdrop of snow-capped mountains offering beautiful picturesque scenery. The city holds enormous attractions, which includes, the Central State Museum exhibiting their rich cultural heritage. Wandering the streets and markets are great to enjoy in this city.

Turgen Gorge

Turgen Gorge is an amazing place with dense forests, lakes, mountains, and waterfalls. It is a real paradise for adventure seekers, hiking, and riding on a mountain bike is wonderful to explore nature.

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