Italy, one of the pretty destinations with the highlight of incredible architecture and Renaissance masterpieces.  Situated along the Mediterranean Coast,  Italy is home land of historical places, astounding monuments which inspires visitors all over the world to explore their rich history and enjoy the most delicious cuisines. Book your ideal Luxury holiday packages to Italy and experience the best vacation.

Weather & Clothing

As weather differs from region to region, it is ideal to visit during Spring which is from April to June, also September to October is as good as the temperatures are much pleasant for the tourists to visit the popular attractions. As well, natural fabric clothing such as cotton, silk will be a perfect choice and avoid synthetic clothes.

What to Eat

Traditional authentic Italian cuisines are the world's most delicious dishes. The recipes are flavoursome with freshly prepared ingredients to enrich the taste. The visitors will enjoy the culinary experience, especially  Margherita Pizza, and Spaghetti alla Carbonara are the Italian delicacies.

Popular Attractions


Roman Empire's largest Colosseum is the popular attraction for its construction and the space of holding 50000 spectators. It is one of the much attracted destinations which reminds the Roman history and ancient period. Choosing this destination for a vacation is ideal, so to avail the best deals, offers and discounts, visit the sites and get your customized Italy International tour package.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

This is the world's famous tower for its stunning structure, the bell tower of Pisa was constructed in the 12th century and is popular for its noticeable tilt in the building. The place is quite impressive and especially the kids love to view this miracle tower.


Capri Island is super-rich for its natural treasures, breathtaking landscapes from majestic cliffs, rock caves to the blue sea. The island has fantastic restaurants, shopping places and offers an opportunity to walk, hike and enjoy this magical beauty.

Venice Canals

Venice Grand Canals is the true attraction of tourists from all over the world, touring the top attractions and viewing the great buildings of Venice from gondolas are amazing. One can ride the entire length of the canal and can stop at major visits.

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