Israel is a Middle Eastern country and it is a home of unique landscapes, religious monuments, and historical sites. Located on the Mediterranean sea famous for beautiful beaches, vibrant night life, and wonderful attractions. Tourists seeking religious sites have many options of amazing churches and mosques. Planning a travel to this gorgeous destination is deal for a vacation, the book flies luxury holiday packages to Israel and enjoy the hassle-free travel experience.

Weather & Clothing

Israel can be visited all-year round, as the weather is good in all seasons. The best months for the tourists to visit are considered to be May and October as it is less crowded as well the weather is pleasant and enjoyable. Comfortable clothes in the cotton fabric are much suggested to carry when your travel to Israel

What to Eat

Israeli dishes are delicious and the cuisines have a mix of Middle Eastern Mediterranean and European Jewish styles. Street foods are equally good and flavorsome to that of restaurant foods. Hummus, Falafel, Shawarma, and Malawach are some of the best and must-try dishes in Israel.

Popular Attractions


Jerusalem is one of the holiest places in Israel that attracts from all around the world. Walking in streets of Jerusalem Old city, one may immerse in the ancient glory and religious sites. Plan your holidays to this country by booking luxury holiday packages to Israel to destinations at affordable cost.

Bethlehem - The birthplace of Jesus

Located to the south of Jerusalem, is the most visited place in Israel. The natural sights of this place are so glorious, plenty of religious places and churches in this region has great significance.


Eilat is a beach town, one of the favorite destination for tourists to enjoy the rich marine and wildlife. The place is filled with water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, wildlife and eco tours are available in the national park area.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a real wonder located in the heart of Israel country, that the mineral rich water with high salt content is said to have healing powers. The surrounding areas have charming landscapes and ideal for exploration.

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