As far as tourism is concerned, Georgia is a country with a perfect blend of tradition and modern in all aspects. The country has more tourists every year to spend their valuable time in real calmness and natural surroundings. The capital city Tbilisi has many attractions for tourists to have a wonderful vacation experience. There are many exciting luxury holiday packages to Georgia, book the best package at great deals and enjoy the vacation.  

Weather & Clothing

The ideal time to visit Georgia is from May to June and September to October where the weather is warm and comfortable. Georgia experiences have different weather depending on the regions. August is known to be the hottest month in Georgia. When you plan to travel to Georgia, it is suggested to carry casual dresses of varying thickness.

What to eat

The Georgian food has unique culinary traditions, thus serving food of natural choices. Satsivi and Khinkali are some of the famous food in Georgia, Khatchapuri is a traditional bread dish and Georgian salads are so delicious, as they are prepared with fresh ingredients and herbs. The food dishes are simple and healthy.

Popular attractions

Narikala Fortress

The Narikala Fortress is the most significant landmark of Tbilisi, located near Kura river. It is a historical site and known to be built in the 4th century to defend from enemies. To enjoy these memorable places, book your customized honeymoon tour packages to Georgia or family package and explore more.

Sameba Cathedral

The Sameba Cathedral in Tbilisi is a holy place of Eastern Orthodox church in Georgia. the building depicts a medieval architecture but it was built in the modern period which holds nine chapels and it is one of the most visited places in Georgia.

Uplistsikhe Cave Town

Uplistsikhe is an ancient town built on the Mtkvari river banks and it is made of rocks. The structure shows the traces of Iron Age and site has got great historical significance. Thus, this cave town attracts many tourists to explore the rock built.

Lake Ritsa

Lake Ritsa is a perfect place for a day tour, the mesmerizing views of the lake and mountains are amazing. It is one of the tourist attractions recently, where people head to visit the lake for its spectacular sights.

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