Finland has quality things to do and attractions to explore for the visitors. Despite the fact of wonderful natural landscapes and forests, tourists tend to spend their valuable time in Helsinki and Turku as it offers endless attractions. Riding with reindeer, visiting Santa Park, and a wide range of winter sports are the wonderful delights to visit this country during the winter season. When you have decided to travel this beautiful destination, the luxury holiday packages to Finland are awaiting at excellent prices. Grab the opportunity and enjoy the trip

Weather & Clothing

Finland's weather is not constant and especially changes very quickly during winter months. The summer offers great and comfortable warm weather, whereas the winters are long and cold. June to August is suggested to be the best choice to travel to this destination. Winter coats and warm clothing are best to carry when travelling to Finland.

What to Eat

Traditional Finnish food is fresh with seasonal produce and found in almost all food stalls. Most of the Finnish dishes contain potatoes and organic ingredients which makes the food so delicious. Karjalanpiirakka (rice pies), Ruisleipa (rye bread), Leipajuusto (cheese) are some of the must-try foods in Finland

Popular Attractions

Suomenlinna Fortress

Suomenlinna Fortress is one of the largest sea fortresses and located at the entrance of Helsinki Harbor. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site built in 18th century offering an interesting sport to the tourists. Explore the history of the site, unique collections of artifacts in the museums and a walk around the beautiful island.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

It is the second largest national park in Finland with diverse attractions and activities. The park is well enjoyed by the hikers, trekkers, and skiers, as well as traditional reindeer safaris, offers great enjoyment. The pthe lace is so unique with dramatic natural landscapes offering the best sights at all seasons.

Northern Lights

These blazing lights are seen in the southern most regions between the month of September and March. The visual treats are excellent and it is one of the most fantastic experiences, thus attracts the tourists to visit this place for Northern lights. If you are planning for a romantic getaway, book the honeymoon tour packages to Finland and experience a gorgeous trip.


There is a lot to explore in Savonlinna, the Olavinlinna Castle is one main reason for the increase for visitors to this destination. The festivals like Ballet and Opera, museums, caves, galleries and open air theatres are fantastic to enjoy.

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