Ecuador has unique landscapes from mighty mountains to magnificent beaches which tourists to enjoy the stunning natural beauty and enormous activities. Located to the north west of South America, Ecuador offers great opportunity to explore the snow-capped volcano, Galapagos Islands with unique and diverse eco-system which are enjoyable. When travelling this destination, choose the best Luxury holiday packages to Ecuador and enjoy the trip

Weather & Clothing

Tourists can comfortably visit the country throughout the year as the weather doesn't vary much. Peak seasons for tourists in Ecuador are generally between June to September and to enjoy the coastal destinations December and April are ideal. It's always best to dress in layers and light wool material is the perfect choice when travelling to Ecuador.

What to eat


The culinary aspects of Ecuador are diversified and unique. International cuisines, South American dishes, and fast foods are common in this country. Ecuadorian Dishes on the coast normally contain seafood whereas up in the mountainous region, the dishes are served with rice, meat, corn, and potatoes.


Popular Attractions



Cotopaxi is snow covered volcano and known to be the second highest, beautiful mountain which attracts visitors for a day trip to explore this volcano mountain closer. Ecuador is ideal for a romantic and adventurous trip if you are looking for Honeymoon Tour packages to Ecuador, visit the site to find the best deals and discounts.


The Hot Springs of Banos

Banos is the right place for adventurous activities like mountain biking and hiking as it is located in the forests. The views of the falls and pools are so great from the rope bridge, as well as kayaking and white water rafting is also popular here.


The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home for giant tortoises and it is one of the best places to enjoy seeing exceptional wildlife living. The archipelago of about 19 islands boasts for its unique landscape, rare species of plants and animals, volcanic rocks and glistening-blue waters.



Quilotoa is a stunning greenish-blue crater lake formed 800 years ago as a result of volcano collapse. Located in the Ecuadorian Andes, great explore Quilotoa loop and one of the must-visit places in Ecuador.


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