Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has diverse geography offering a perfect place for the tourists to enjoy their holiday vacation. From lush green forests to sandy beaches, the environment is ideal for relaxation. Immerse in the natural beauty of pristine beaches and explore all top attractions in the country. When you plan your travel, visit fly luxury to find the best package deals which cover major destination and book a luxury tour package to the Dominican Republic.

Weather &  Clothing

The Dominican Republic experiences a hot climate and varies from region to region. The best time to visit this country is from December to April and for a beach getaway,  it is good to visit anytime. Light weight natural fabrics and simple casual clothes are ideal to wear as the temperature is warm.

What to eat

Variety of cuisines available in the Dominican Republic, their traditional food includes mainly rice, beans, meat, and salads.  International cuisines are also served for the tourists. As well as, banana and coconut are very popular here.

Popular Attractions

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a popular resort destination offering a relaxed atmosphere on the sandy beaches with restaurants to dine and enjoy the ambiance. One of the most visited and favorite tourist place in the Dominican Republic.

Samana Bay

Samana Bay is so popular for Whale watching, and they are the main attraction for the tourists to enjoy the place. It is the home for Whales to give birth to the little ones and it will be great to watch these whales in this destination.

Bahia de Las Aguilas

This is one of the best tourist destinations for couples to enjoy for its isolated beauty. This pristine beach is located on the South-western coast of the country where the sandy beach is calm and shallow waters are wonderful to experience. Book honeymoon tour package to the Dominican Republic and enjoy the beaches of this country at the best prices in fly luxury holidays.


Jarabacoa is an outdoor adventure in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, offers a great opportunity for travellers like rafting, hiking, biking, and many more adventurous things to do. This is the perfect place for adventure seekers where they can enjoy many activities.

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