ABOUT Czech Republic


The Czech Republic, situated in Central Europe, is the country of old and new world charm where you can spot a growing modern art scene in the lap of old charm. It has a great mix of history and beauty. One can say that it is very touristy and during peak times of the year, you can expect a great number of crowds. The lively art and music, stunning architectures and gastronomic experience are what make this place great for many other good reasons. It is time to explore the adventure, majestic hikes, castles and waterfalls on availing Luxury holiday packages to the Czech Republic.


Weather & Clothing


The Czech Republic has a dry warmish summer which is followed by very cold winters. The best time to visit is during spring and peak summer season. In spring, you can feel a mild rise in temperature and could be a great time for a pleasant vacation. For summers, you can pack natural fabrics followed by warm jackets, pullovers, etc. for winters.


What to Eat


The lovely country offers you a diverse flavored dish with sweet, savory and tangy tastes. To please your taste buds, you must indulge in some local food like potato soup, fruit dumplings, roast pork served with dumpling and sauerkraut, etc. There are plenty of dishes that you should not miss like Palacinky, Trdelnik, Chlebicky, etc.


Popular Attractions


Prague: It is considered as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe which are all about art, sculptures, architecture, superb street cafes, etc. Some of the major attractions here are Naplavka, Letna Park, etc. You can get the best and budget-friendly Czech Republic International tour package from the site and explore the captivating and beautiful city.


Ostrava: It is an ideal place for those who are music lovers. It is best known for parties and music festivals. You must explore the lively pubs and clubs in the city. It can be one of the best places to visit.


Liberec: This place has the perfect balance of art and the adventure and tourists can enjoy the beautiful nature and museum here. For those who love adventure, they can go for hiking and skiing to the Jizera Mountains.


Brno: It is a vibrant city with marvels like beautiful buildings with great architecture, cafes, etc. and is the second-largest city in the country and an ideal place to explore.


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