Cyprus is renowned as the birthplace of the goddess and true to its name; it is one of the beautiful beaches and resort destination. The sunny Mediterranean climate in budget-friendly deals can be drenched scene for thousands of tourists. One can enjoy the old stone houses and colorful shutters of the village charm in Cyprus. It is time to get soaked in the Luxury holiday packages to Cyprus and enjoy the stunning beaches and glistening blue seas for endless summer.


Weather & Clothing


Cyprus is known for having the warmest winters in the Mediterranean region of the European Union. You can expect an average temperature of 22-23-degree C in the day and 12-14-degree C in night. You can enjoy long dry summer from mid-May to mid-October and mild winters from December to February. Weather-wise packing should be done for Cyprus. In summers, you can expect loose shorts and tops. The pashmina can be a versatile wearing option though.


What to Eat


The cuisine of Cyprus has been bundled with distinct influences as seeing the rich history of the country and so one can spot different taste and flavors in the traditional food being drawn from the Arab world, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Venetians, and Romans, etc. Some of the finest and rustic Cypriot dishes are mezze, Sheftalia, Souvla and souvlaki, Ravioles, etc.


Popular Attractions


Agios Georgios: It is one of the popular sights in Cyprus and has numerous architectural sites. A village contains three large Basilicas way back to the 6th century. You can get the best Cyprus International tour package from the site and describe your trip in your own experience that could make a difference compared to your other holidays.


Argos: In its entirety, it is counted as one of the most interesting villages in Cyprus which stands at an elevation of more than 1100 meters. It used to be the great sight of pilgrims back in the day as it is landmarked around Monastery of Great Argos which housed some 40 monks.


Salamis: This used to be housed b greatest Roman settlements and a perfect Roman city example laced with all the luxuries and comforts. Now it is a ruin roman city and only some buildings are left intact. It is still the best place to visit in Cyprus.


Panagia: It is one of the picturesque villages which is one of the largest in the region and grandest found on the outer edges of forests of Paphos. You can spot multitudes of churches, cathedrals, monasteries, etc.


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