Chile is counted as one of the most beautiful cities on earth, surrounded by Andes mountains and it is a fun place to explore laced with a rich history, great tourism, and vibrant culture. Santiago is one of the coolest capital cities on the planet and there are tons of Chilean places worth exploration. If you are ready to plan the big trip, then you must avail Luxury holiday packages to Chile and explore all that is dedicated in beautiful Chile city that has to offer.


Weather & Clothing

Chile welcomes colorful blooms of spring from September to November while from March to May, you can experience the usher of autumn hues. Tourists can experience a mild temperature at both times of the year. June and August should be avoided due to snowy winters as most of the attractions are closed. Depending on the weather, you can pack warm jackets, raincoat and tank tops for visiting few Chile spots.


What to Eat


The diverse Chilean food has everything from unique flavors to succulent taste. It is largely based on the fruits of the sea, but ahead towards the south, one can spot meat on the menu in a large way. There are many traditional Chilean dishes that are must to try like Patasca, Sopaipilla with Pebre, etc.


Popular Attractions

Valle Nevado: If you have a love for skiing or snowboarding then this can be your incredible spot where one can enjoy the best skiing in the Andes. In summers, it is the best spot for a thrilling adventure like hiking, horseback riding, and biking. If you want to explore the crazy skills of yours then you must get Chile International tour package and for more information visit site.


Costanera Center: The glittering glass and a pretty epic skyscraper can give you the best view of Latin America which is nearly 304 m tall. It can make you rise above the rest of the city and can offer you a panoramic 360-degree view of the city below and the Andes surrounding the city.


La Moneda Palace: It is a place where the seat of President of the Republic of Chile is, and it is one of the beautiful buildings found in the capital. Joaquin Toesca, an Italian architect, is the main architect behind the neoclassical design of the building. Multiple tours in a day can be offered with some assistance.


Cajon del Maipo: For outdoor adventures, this place is the local’s favorite. You can enjoy camping, rafting, skiing, cycling and hiking at Cajon. There are some great wineries as well.


If you are looking for something special then Chile is the right city for you and you can avail several luxury Honeymoon tour packages to Chile for which Fly Luxury Holidays can help you in getting you the experience that you will never forget.