Botswana is a truly remarkable place where you can find wildlife and landscapes as the big draw cards to win the hearts of visitors. A place like no other in the African continent, Botswana can rightfully be called the best-kept secret of Africa. One can enjoy a bucket-list experience in here and can end their day enjoying a spectacular kaleidoscopic sunset view. You can find an ideal and exciting Luxury holiday packages to Botswana and experience a memorable journey with your loved ones.


Weather & Clothing


Botswana weather is quite a semi-arid type. It is hot and dry for most parts of the years. However, in the summer months, there is a rainy season as well. The best time to visit there is from May to September when the temperature is moderate. Long sleeve collared shirt assisting with pair of safari pants can be the best.


What to Eat


While traveling to Botswana, you can experience an enhanced and exquisite taste like no other. There are many excellent kitchens whose appeal for meals and dishes can offer you excitement for taste. You can indulge your taste buds in Mabele, Bogobe, Seswaa, Morongo etc.


Popular Attractions


Chobe National Park: It covers four different ecosystems and lies in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and offers some of the highest numbers of wildlife in Africa throughout the years. It boasts around 1,20,000 elephants along with herds of zebra, buffalo, eland, wildebeest, etc. Visit this site to learn about the history connected to this place on availing the Botswana International tour package.

Okavango Delta: The Okavango river creates a unique inland water system by cutting through the center of the Kalahari Desert for a huge variety of animals and birds. Through traditional canoe, you can view much of wildlife. The number of lodges and luxury safari camps has been set up.

Tsodilo Hills: A spiritual outdoor art gallery showcasing ancient rock paintings dated more than 20,000 years old. You can spot 4,000 ancient San Bushmen paintings and near about 400 sites which depicts ritual dances, hunting scenes, and safari animals. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Mokolodi Game Reserve: It can be made on a good day trip. It is a private reserve which is dedicated to the conservation education sites, where successful breeding programs have been patronized to save white rhino population from extinction. Camping facilities, guided walks, and simple chalets are available.


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