Bolivia is a country that provides you with all type of terrain ranging from the Andes Mountains to the Atacama Desert and Amazon River basin. Present in central South America, this place provides us with the largest variety of species that can be found on the planet. In the nutshell, because of its geographical features, Bolivia provides us with all. Find several luxury packages to Bolivia and enjoy a memorable trip to this destination.


This place experiences a humid tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The average temperature over here can be about 30®C. the period extending from late September to May can see a rainfall between 1000 to 4000 mm. It may get cold in here during the months of October to April and so it’s advisable pack a jacket along with. Otherwise one can go with lightweight clothing.


If you are in Bolivia, you should surely check out for Saltenas, Sajta, and tucumanas. One should also go out for trying the Picque macho, Silpancho, Antichuo and Chicharron. The traditional Bolivian cuisine including corn, potatoes, quinoa, and beans are also worth having. As food marks an important part of every journey, don’t miss out on any of the above.


Lake Titicaca- This is one of the largest lakes of South America and the world’s highest navigable body of water. This place was considered as the birthplace of Incas and consists of several ruins. The waters of this lake are calm and brightly reflective. Around this lake lies the Titicaca National Reserve, which shelters rare aquatic life.

Salar de Uyuni- Amongst the Andes lies the world’s largest salt flat. This is actually a prehistoric lake that went dry thus creating a desert-like situation. The landscape basically consists of bright white salt, rock formations, and cacti-studded islands.

La Paz- This place rests on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau. It basically has snow-capped, 6,438m-high Mt. Illimani in its background. You can find several Bolivia international tour packages to visit this place.

Sucre- This place holds great importance for the history of the country. The Casa da la Libertad, which is painted white all around, is the place where Bolivia’s declaration of independence was signed. Cathedral Metropolitana, a colonial church also has great importance in this area because of the culture.

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