Barbados is an island located in West Indies in the Caribbean region of North America. It is also called as 'Little Britain' of the Caribbean. Barbados is one of the most diverse and active destination offering some beautiful sights and attractions to the visitors. From submarine tours to cave exploration to jeep safaris to heritage tours, the island has full capacity to amaze the visitors. It is best to find luxury holiday packages to Barbados to experience a memorable and affordable trip with your loved ones.


As Barbados has a tropical monsoon climate. It experiences both the wet season from June to December and dry season from December to May. The best time to visit Barbados is between June to November for enjoying. For vacations its best to pack and wear light color and fabric clothes.


Various options of Caribbean and international cuisine can be found in Barbados. The local restaurants and street foods are the must to explore the Barbadian cuisine. The island’s flying fish with coucou is a must to have during the stay at Barbados.


The Beaches of the Carlisle Bay - It is one of the most inviting areas to see the beautiful blonde beaches and long stretches of crystal-clear turquoise water. Having long beach walk and enjoying the side restaurants food is the best part of the site.

Downtown Bridgetown - Bridgetown, the national capital, is home to a wealth of attraction such as the landmark parliament buildings and national heroes square and lovely Chamberlain Bridge. The Barbados international tour package provides the privilege to learn about the entire history of the place and explore more historical sites.

Bathsheba Bay - It offers a dramatic glimpse into the erosive power of ocean. The beach is popular for surfing. While arriving at Bathsheba Bay, the road descends from a high plateau down to the oceans and runs along the waterfront providing beautiful scenery for photography.

Animal Flower Cave - It is a unique cave and takes around fifteen to twenty minutes to discover the whole cave. The opening provides plenty of light and removes the claustrophobic feeling often found in dark caves. You must visit this when you visit here!

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