The Indonesian island, Bali is known for its amazing coral reefs, lush green volcanic mountains, exemplary paddy fields and beaches. This island also enshrines several religious sites such as the Uluwatu temple, which is located along the cliffside. This place is also known for its yoga and meditation centers which are growing in popularity. It is basically a paradise for all the nature lovers. All these nature-fond people can find several luxury packages to Bali here.


Bali has a tropical monsoon climate with two different seasons i.e. dry and wet. This tropical paradise is likely to be sunny even during the wet monsoon. As the humidity in this place is high, its best that we pack light cotton clothes and the attire should be preferentially be comfortable which helps you to explore this place without any risk.


The Indonesian cuisine can be very intense. Some of the must try dishes in Bali include Pisang Goreng which are basically fried bananas. Similarly, Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng are also included in this list. One can also enjoy Sate, Babi Guling, Nasi Campur and Bebek Betutu can also make into the list.


Ubud- Present on the uplands of Bali, this town is the center for traditional crafts and dance. It’s surrounding rainforest and terraced rice paddies are extremely beautiful to look at. Besides the Hindu temples and shrines also add to its beauty. The Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi are some of the rock cut shrines.

Kuta- This is basically a beach and resort area and is known for the party-like atmosphere and surfing in the Indian Ocean. Check out the Bali international tour package for further details.

Denpasar- This is the capital city of Bali. The Sanur beach over here provides with exquisite sunrise views. The Pura Blanjong temple has a stone pillar which contains inscriptions from the 10th century. The Bali museum has a massive collection of Balinese cultural artifacts which include traditional costumes and religious items.

Jimbaran- This place is a fishing village and coastal resort. It has a long stretch of beach which has peacefully calm waters. The background is filled with fish restaurants and tropical forests.

This place is truly heaven for the people longing to find peace in their lives and couples. Go and find out some of the fine honeymoon tour packages to Bali online with Fly Luxury Holidays.