Bahamas is a state containing a group of 700-plus islands, is a coral-based archipelago which is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. This group of Caribbean islands is located 80 km south-east of the coast of Florida and north of Cuba. This place is best known for the world’s largest and healthiest reefs and diving into them is absolutely a bliss experience. Many interesting luxury packages to Bahamas are available which will make your visit more pleasant.


Summers are usually warm and rainy in Bahamas. The hurricane season lasts from July to October. The best time to visit this paradise is during the high season which is generally during the spring. As the weather here is warm and it is typically a tropical place, it’s better to pack up some breezy and lightweight clothes. Don’t forget to take along your swimsuit.


Some of the best foods here in Bahamas can be conch, souse, guava duff, fried or seared grouper with grits, rum cake and peas rice. The Bahamian macaroni and cheese, Bahama mama and Bahamian hot patty can surely arouse your taste buds. You can savor all these beauties along with some of the tropical drinks and later have a nice walk on the beach.


Nassau- this place is a popular cruise-ship stop. The capital city of Bahamas is also known for beaches and offshore coral reefs, which are popular spots for diving and snorkeling. It is also excellent for bone fishing, reef and deep-sea fishing. Check out the Bahamas international tour package for more details.

Grand Bahama- It is known for its beaches, reef-lined cloves and mangrove swamps. It also includes resorts and golf-courses which are high in standard. Port Lucayan showcases Bahamian music and straw crafts at its marketplace.

Freeport- This is the main city of Bahamas. Its main reason for attraction is the oceanfront Lucaya district, with beaches and duty-free shopping. The Lucayan national park has underwater caves, kayaking and nature trails.

Abaco Islands- These are a group of islands and barrier cays in the north of Bahamas. Many dive sites such as Pelican cays land and Sea park with underwater caves and colorful coral reefs are present here. Turtles and sharks populate the Walker cay national park.

This tropical paradise is worth visiting for the adventure lovers. Honeymoon tour packages to Bahamas will also be worth it from Fly Luxury Holidays.