Australia-the country, the continent and the island, has a lot to offer to the travelling enthusiasts. Located in Oceania, between Indian and the South Pacific Ocean, this place is widely known for its stupendous view, best distilleries and seasonal wildlife events. Come and find some of the best Luxury holiday packages to Australia that will make your stay in Australia worthwhile.


Being a tropical country, Australia is known for hot and humid summers and warm winters. As heat in Australia can be painstaking, it is good to wear lightweight fabric and be comfortable in what you are wearing. During winters, the temperature rarely goes below 5®C. So, there is no need to add heavy clothing for winters.


Australians typically love their barbecues. Sausages, burgers, steaks and fresh seafood are something which a person should surely checkout in Australia. Chicken parmigiana, kangaroo meat and vegemite are some of the other things one should check out for. Australia has a diverse culture and there are many cuisines that one can try out there.


Sydney- no one can ever miss on this place as it is home to the world-famous Sydney opera house and is also famous for Bondi beach surfing. The Harbor Bridge of Australia also provides us with a spectacular view.

Melbourne- this city gives us all by providing us with the best in class art, museums and royal botanical gardens. This place is known as the “coffee capital of the world” and so is worth a visit for all the coffee lovers. Besides it is also known for its fine dining experience.

Cairns- the famous “Great Barrier Reef” lies over here. The world’s largest coral system lies over here. This place is best for snorkeling, swimming, diving and sailing. You can check Fly Luxury Holidays for grabbing the best Australia international tour package which will help you hire a travel agent who would guide you through this tour.

Gold coast- this place is a surfer’s paradise and is well known for the theme parks and canals. This place is known for its beaches and the way it springs into life during the night time.

Don’t forget to look for amazing Honeymoon tour packages to Australia and you can be rest assured that your stay in the “land of kangaroos” will be a lifetime experience. Make sure you befriend a kangaroo before you come back!