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Landlocked by three huge rivers namely the Zambezi, the Kafue & the Luangwa, Zambia is a destination of captivating wilderness. This defines both the life rhythm for many people & the geography of the place. Adventures in Zambia include witnessing both prey & predators in deep bushes where they roam via unfenced camps. Human footprint is something that is very rare in such remote locations. Ride in canoes through mild-mannered rivers and also experience the raging waters of Victoria Falls. Planning a trip in the upcoming months? Then book your Zambia Luxury holiday package today & start preparing for a wonderfully adventurous packed trip.

Weather & Climate

Late May to Early Oct – This is the dry season when you can engage in supreme wildlife viewing.June to August – Usually it is dry with frosty nights & cool temperatures.

Best time to visit

June to October is the best instance to visit Zambia as it is the best safari season then. With rarely any drop of rain, lots of sunshine & lucid blue skies, any traveller will enjoy this time.

Visa assistance and currency

Single & double entry visa, KAZA UNIVISA, Gratis Visa, Day Tripper are some visas that travellers can obtain. The duration of these visas are 30 to 90 days. The chief international airport is Lusaka. Emirates flights are available from Dubai that is the only direct flights into Lusaka. South African airlines are best for those coming from Australia. Travellers must carry Zambian kwacha for a seamless trip. Reserve your idealZambia Luxury vacation package today.


Attractions & Things to do

Victoria Falls World Heritage National Monument Site

View the Eastern Cataract closely where you can take a hair-raising walk over the footbridge. Reach an architectural structure at the Knife Edge. You will be surprised to see the stone artifacts near the waterfall.

Kafue National Park

Abundant wildlife & birdlife is what you get here. Witness fig trees at Busanga Swamps. Engage in camping & safari at Konkamoya Lodge.

Shiwa House

Here you can come across the natural hot spring at Kapishya& engage in rafting at Chusa Falls. Get the best sight of Lake ShiwaNgandu after completing a 3 hour walk to Nachipala Bareback Hill.

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