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Indonesia is called the world's largest island Country offers great adventures for tourists all over the world. This country is popular among the travellers for its dramatic landscapes and wonderful Islands. Rich culture, iconic temples and astonishing natural wonders are some of the best aspects of this country. Bali is much more frequently visited place in Indonesia as it has the most beautiful Islands and temples. Indonesia is the ideal choice for all kinds of travellers expecting fun-thrill activities to a soothing environment. Spend your money on the best Indonesia luxury holiday package to have an everlasting experience.


Weather & Climate


Indonesia has a tropical climate which is relatively even and good to visit year-round. It has two clear seasons which are dry and rainy, as well the amount of rainfall varies in the Islands.


Best Time to Visit


If you intend to visit Java or Bali, the best time to visit is during the dry season, which falls from May until October. Whereas, visiting the Sunda Islands, known for fresh breezes is between May and October. Look for the ideal Indonesia tour package at the right time to explore the country.


Visa Assistance& Currency


 In Indonesia, tourists can obtain a visa on arrival which is valid for 30 days, provided the passport should be a valid one.  If there is a need to extend, then tourist visa should be applied in the immigration office which will provide 30 days additional. The currency used in Indonesia is IDR, the Indonesian Rupiah.


Attractions & Things to do



Java in Indonesia is home of stunning mountains and volcanoes. Visiting this place will provide magical experience, especially the sunrise on Mt. Bromo


Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is famous for reptiles which are abundant and roam freely in the Islands. As well, the destination is known for Scuba-diving


Bunaken for Snorkelling

If Snorkelling is your favorite, then Bunaken National Marine Park will be the ideal choice to enjoy, which is located in the Bay of Manado


Whitewater  Rafting

Based on the season, Whitewater Rafting in Ubud has so much attraction among the tourists and it is pretty fun full activity.


The enjoyment and excitement are endless in this fabulous country, choose an appropriate Indonesia luxury vacation package according to the travel plan and enjoy the trip.



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