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Croatia is a relatively new country which gained Independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. But its claim to fame is for being the location for the popular series ‘The Game of Thrones’.  Situated in south central Europe, the country is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The terrain of the country is diverse making up of agricultural lands, low and high mountains, highlands along the coastline and many small islands. A visit to these pristine islands and to one of the Game of Thrones locales is a must include in you Croatia luxury holiday package. And while you are at it, do visitthe UNESCO-protected historic city of Trogir.

Weather & Climate

Croatia has three main climatic regions. The coastline has a Mediterranean climate of rainy winters and dry summers. The plains have cold winters and hot summers and the central part of the country has an Alpine climate.

The best time to visit the country is from May to June or September and October. The tourist season is from July to August and the country can get crowded. 

Croatia Visa Assistance & Currency

The currency of the nation is the Croatian Kuna. An Indian tourist to the country can apply for a 90-day tourist visa via the Croatian Consulate or Embassy. The main port of entry is the Zagreb International Airport in the capital city Zagreb. 

Places to Visit

Zagreb - the capital city filled with an exciting mix of old buildings and a modern lifestyle.

Korcula – A port city which is the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo, the famous adventurer.

Pula – A city in a region well known for its roman amphitheater.

Dubrovnik - Make sure to include Dubrovnik in your Croatia Luxury vacation package as it is one of the main locations for the filming of the Game of Thrones.

A Croatia tour package made just for you with Fly Luxury is the ideal way to explore the country. We will be sure to take in your interests and create the best experience just for you.

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