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Republic of Chile is a long narrow strip of land in the South American Continent which has Pacific Ocean in its West and Andes in its East. The inhabitants affectionately name the country as the Country of Poets because two literary figures named Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda won Nobel Prize in Literature. It is considered to be a stable country in terms of income generation in South America. Atacama Desert, the driest place of Earth is found here. Avail Chile luxury holiday package to make a memorable trip to the country.

Weather and climate

The country is mainly divided into the North, Central, and Southern part. Atacama Desert is in the North and the area is dry with temperature rising to 32 degree Celsius and can drop to -2 degree Celsius. Central part has a Mediterranean climate with cold and wet season from May to August and the Southern country is usually cool and damp. June to August is the winter months and December to February are the summer months.

Best time to visit

Summers attract high tourism. Spring and autumn is also considered to be a favorable time. But winters are quite chilly and thus can be avoided.

Visa and Currency

Visa is required to enter the country and it can be obtained from the Chile Embassy near you. The country maintains a reciprocal visa policy with other countries. Chilean Peso is the currency used here.Chile luxury vacation package can provide a great platform for entertainment and memories to the customers.

Places to Visit

Atacama Desert

It is the driest desert in the world receiving less precipitation than the polar deserts. It is a 1000-km strip of land located on the Pacific coast, west of Andes.

Easter Island

It is located in the South East Pacific ocean and is an isolated one. It is halfway to Tahiti. It is popular for the extant monumental statues, Moai, which was created by Rapanui people. Sandy beaches, surfing, diving, are other attractions offered in this place.

Lauca National Park

It is located in the Andean Range. It attracts tourists from all over the world. LagoChungara, the highest lake in the world is also found here.


It is the most visited and a metropolitan city in the country. Parks, hills, artisan’s fair, vibrant nightlife are the high points of Chile.

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