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Belize is a country in the eastern coast of Central America. It has dense jungle in its west and Caribbean Sea in the east. The jungle area of the country houses Mayan ruins like Caracol. This place is popular for its towering Pyramid. Belize was the last colony of the UK in the land of Americans. It achieved independence in 1981. English is the first official language in the country and Kriol is quite popular. Belize luxury holiday package can provide an amazing experience to the tourist.

Weather and climate

The country has a sub-tropical climate. Late February to May is dry season in the country. June to November is marked with the rains. The mean temperature in the city of Belize is 23 degrees Celsius. November to January is the coldest months in the country.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the country is from late November to mid-April. Wet season is mostly avoided by the tourists as the season has unexpected rainfall which can ruin the plans of the tourists. Belizeluxury vacation package can be an interesting getaway for the tourists.

Visa and Currency

The citizens of the USA, UK, and Canada do not require a visa to enter the country for 30 days.  The rest of the countries require visa with 6 months expiry of the passport. Belize Dollar is the currency accepted in the country.

Places to Visit

Belize City

It is located at the mouth of the Haulover Creek. It is the cultural centre of the country and serves as the stepping stone to reach other places.


It is a small village which is located in the south of Dangriga. It is the cultural hub for the Garifuna population. It has its own independence day and welcomes tourists to be a part of it.

Tobacco Caye

It is a small island which is located in the northern end of South Water Caye marine Reserve. It is an excellent spot for shore diving, snorkel and scuba.

San Ignacio

It is a friendly and relaxed town. It has pleasant climate. Good cafes, inexpensive hotels, and offshore islands are the high points of the town.

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